This is It

“The key to happiness is recognising that yes, this is it. You're all you have to work with and this moment is the only one you can have any control over. And this is incredibly empowering, because everything you need is already there and the tools are already in your hands.
You are your greatest project – this is it.”


This is It is a practical meditation guide that uses humour to teach the benefits of mindfulness through a series of accessible techniques. It’s also a hilarious account of one man’s attempt to find peace in a chaotic life, and follows his journey from the bogs of Kildare to the bright lights of LA, and on to enlightenment in India. However, despite travelling the world he found that much of the wisdom he discovered had parallels in Irish attitudes to life, that there’s an intersection between ancient wisdom and what Irish people lick off the stones.

Now a meditation teacher in Berlin, Morocco and Dublin, Conor gently and skillfully explains the lessons he’s learned along the way to finding peace, and with warmth, wit and wisdom guides you on the path to a more mindful life.

‘Conor is Ireland's answer to Sam Harris. This book will you teach you truly life-altering wisdom that has stood the test of both time and science in the most hilarious, relatable and heart-warmingly welcoming way.’ Daniella Moyles


‘I love Conor’s way of sharing the magic of contemplation and meditation. In a world filled with distraction and noise Conor reminds us to slow down and come back to ourselves. This Is It takes a practical approach to meditation and contemplation in what can feel like an overwhelming world.’ Pat Divilly 

‘Other worldly and painfully, beautifully Irish all at one. Like poetry and philosophy read by your brothers best friend who has been around the world and come back to serve you everything you’ve forgotten you already know. I adore this book and Conor.’ Angela Scanlon



Publication Date

April 2021




Hardback, 300 pages

Country of Origin



Gill Books


By Conor Creighton

Availability Status

Not yet published

Conor Creighton is an Irish meditation teacher. He has studied in monasteries and centres in India and California. He teaches courses throughout Ireland, from art studios to prison yards, corporate boardrooms to GAA pitches, and more recently in collaboration with the artist MASER. He is also an award-winning journalist whose work has appeared in The Guardian, The Irish Times, and Vice Magazine. He is the former editor of Totally Dublin magazine.

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