Highlights from Aoife Hearne’s The Plan Book launch

Highlights from Aoife Hearne’s The Plan Book launch


Thanks to everyone who joined us for the launch of The Plan by Aoife Hearne in Eason O’Connell Street yesterday evening. If you were unable to make it we’ve picked some of the Q&A highlights that Kathyrn asked Aoife on the night. Check them out below:


1. You’ve had quite the whirlwind career! From working in the US, to working out of a spare room in your parents’ house, to working on one of the biggest shows in the country with a brand new book hitting the shelves… How did you end up here?

I absolutely love my job, it’s very rewarding helping people change their lives.


2. Even though you’ve helped so many people to lose weight, you hate the word “diet”! How can that be possible?

The fact is only 2% of people will be successful on a diet. People focus on what they are denying themselves, food they can’t eat, things they can’t do.


3. So if a “diet” is out of the question, what IS the best approach to weight loss?

Instead of focusing on avoiding certain foods, you need to focus on wellness and lifestyle change. Look at the bigger picture of changing habits and behaviour. There is loads of tips and advice in the book.


4. And you are proof that it can be done! You’ve just had little baby Alva, you’ve got a toddler Dillan, you work for yourself, a new book out AND you do operation transformation… what’s your advice for busy parents who want to make healthier choices for their family?

I am a strong believer in one family one meal and making the healthy choice the easy choice. Most importantly you have to plan, plan, plan!


5. In the book you mention questions clients ask you ALL the time! So let’s get to the bottom of a few things everyone here wants to know… If you had one golden rule that we should all follow for weight loss, what would it be?

The 80% rule - Stop eating when you are 80% full. There is a hunger scale in the book to help.


6. You mention that all of your clients come to you and say the same thing… “Just tell me what I need to do and I’ll do it!”. Is there an answer for them?

Know WHY you want to do it and remind yourself every time you feel tempted:
• Make healthy habits easy to do
• Keep a food diary
• Eat regularly


7. We are all guilty of trying fad diets for a quick fix, but when it comes to things like counting calories – is it a necessary evil?

At the end of the day weight loss comes down to calories in and calories out. Not all calories are created equal. All of my recipes and meal plans are calorie controlled – so all of the work has been done for you!


8. And what about carbohydrates, are they the bad guy that everyone makes them out to be?

So many people are carb-phobic! No strong enough evidence to suggest we should avoid them. They are an important energy source but be smart about your choices – choose wholegrains, high fibre and aim for ¼ of your plate. When you have a balanced approach, no food is off limits.

9. What’s your advice for keeping that motivation going?

You don’t need it! Do things that take the lowest level of motivation. If it’s the easy option you will do it!



We hope you enjoyed the Q&A highlights from The Plan book launch. The Plan is available on our website, Amazon and in all good bookstores.


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