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Ireland's Wildlife Year

Ireland’s Wildlife Year is a superbly illustrated survey of the four seasons in the Irish natural environment. It traces the development of plants and trees, the movements of birds and animals and the changing face of the Irish landscape over one calendar year.

There is nothing understated about the seasonal changes in Ireland. This book, driven by the stunning nature photography of Billy Clarke, Eric Dempsey and Carsten Krieger, tracks those changes as they affect plants, trees and shrubs, bird and animal life, the general landscape and the natural environment. Contributors are outstanding experts in their fields. Eric Dempsey writes about birds; Declan Doogue about flora; and Professor Tom Hayden of UCD about fauna.


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Publication Date

October 2011




Hardback, 272 pages

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Gill Books


277 x 219 mm


Edited by Eric Dempsey

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Born and living in Dublin, Eric Dempsey is a professional bird guide, broadcaster, writer and photographer who has published work on Ireland’s birds in North America, Australia and Europe. Eric is a team member of the popular ‘Mooney’ show on RTE Radio 1 and hosts workshops, educational courses and presentations throughout Ireland. He is the author of the bestselling Birdwatching in Ireland with Eric Dempsey and co-author of the acclaimed Finding Birds in Ireland—the complete guide and The Complete Field Guide to Ireland’s Birds. More information about his work can be found on his website:


Born and living in County Louth, Billy Clarke came to wildlife photography through his interest in wildlife painting. He is currently based in University College Dublin in the School of Biology and Environmental Science where he works on research on mammal biology.

Declan Doogue is a field ecologist and biogeographer with a specialist interest in identifying and quantifying the economic and administrative factors leading to habitat destruction in Ireland.

Tom Hayden was born in Tipperary and is now living in Kildare. He is Professor of Mammalian Biology in University College Dublin. He lectures on vertebrates, ecology and evolution, and has published research on over twelve species of Ireland’s mammals. He is co-author of Exploring Irish Mammals.

Carsten Krieger is a professional landscape and nature photographer based in West Clare. His unique images are highly acclaimed and he has published several books on Ireland’s nature and landscape. Over the past decade Carsten has also been working for the IPCC (Irish Peatland Conservation Council), the IWT (Irish Wildlife Trust) and he is currently part of the international biodiversity project ‘Meet Your Neighbours’. More information and updates on his work can be found on his website:

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