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The Secret Lives of Adults

People have been sharing their life stories with psychologist Allison Keating for the past eighteen years, and the words she hears most often are ‘I feel overwhelmed,’ followed by ‘I thought I’d have it figured out by now.’

Adulthood is tough. As we try to divide ourselves between our partner, children, parents, siblings, friends and colleagues, it is no wonder we can feel overwhelmed, often neglecting the most important relationship of all – the one we have with ourselves.

The Secret Lives of Adults invites you to audit and improve your seven key relationships, looking at how your past has influenced who you are today.


  • Is there a big gap between your public and private self?

  • What are your expectations of others and of yourself?
  • Do you understand why you react to certain comments?
  • Do you repeat patterns of behaviour in your relationships?

The Secret Lives of Adults has exercises and techniques to help you understand why you behave as you do in each part of your life, allowing you to unlock the secret to less stressful and more meaningful relationships.

‘Allison Keating gives us the tools to be in control of our own minds and actions, and most importantly, take back our lives.’ Cecelia Ahern


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September 2018




Paperback, 288 pages

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Gill Books


234 x 156 mm


By Allison Keating

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Allison Keating is a chartered psychologist practising at her own clinic, BWell, for the last 13 years. She has a keen interest in destigmatising mental health issues and is a major advocate of positive psychology. She has been the resident psychologist on TV3’s Ireland AM and Sunday AM, has presented RTE 2’s Then Comes Marriage, and contributes regularly to radio and print media.

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