National Pox Awareness Week will respond to growing problem in Irish Society

The inaugural National Pox Awareness Week is taking place from 22nd – 28th October 2017. The week is being held in response to a huge growth in reports of poxes in Irish society. Recent studies show that 1 in 3 Irish people encounter poxes and buzz-wreckers on a daily basis. The aim of the week is to draw the public’s attention to a range of pressing topics such as; how to identify a pox, effective pox-repellent strategies, and perhaps most troubling, what to do if you expect that you might in fact be a pox yourself.


Spokesperson for the week is illustrator, author, comedian and pox-expert, Aoife Dooley. Dooley says ‘Poxes are slowly taking over Irish society. It started out small, people running into a shop at 8.59 when it closes at 9.00, women posting pre- holiday snaps of themselves in bikinis, your housemate not changing the toilet roll after using the last piece, but now we’ve seen a stark increase in poxy behavior everywhere from Irish influencers to politicians at the highest levels of government.’


To coincide with the week, Dooley is releasing her second book How to Deal with Poxes on a Daily Basis which will act as the penultimate guide to all things pox-related. It features groundbreaking chapters including ‘Poxes in the Workplace’, ‘Getting into clubs: How to deal with poxy bouncers’, ‘How to not be a pox on public transport: The basic rules’ and the compelling ‘Famous Poxes throughout History’. Follow the conversation on Twitter using the the hashtag #HowToDealWithPoxes.


How to Deal with Poxes on a Daily Basis is published today Friday October 20 and is available online on our website, Eason, Dubray, Amazon and in all good bookshops nationwide.


For further information and images relating to poxes, or to request help from Aoife, please contact Ellen Monnelly, 086 838 9611/ 01 500 9506/


Follow Aoife on Twitter: @Aoife_Dooley Snapchat: @rottenpox Facebook: youronenikita and visit her website.


More about Aoife


Aoife Dooley’s ‘Your One Nikita’ started as a web series about life on the northside of Dublin, based on her own experiences growing up in Coolock. Her work has been shared by FM104, Spin1038, Q102, and So Sue Me’s blog. It has also featured in The Irish Times, Stellar magazine, Offset and on The Ray D’Arcy Show. Her first book, How to Be Massive, was published in 2016.

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