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Spuds and the Crock of Gold

‘Shamrock shakes and chocolate cakes! Me crock of gold is gone!’

It was the first of May, the start of summer, but for Spuds Potsofgold it was not a good day. Two things had gone horribly wrong. The first was that his precious crock of gold disappeared while he was taking a nap, the second was that he couldn’t stop sneezing!

How will Spuds solve the mystery of his missing crock of gold, and what is to be done about his allergy to Steve, his pet mouse?

This is the second book in the popular series about Spuds the leprechaun. Spuds and the Spider was the first.


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Publication Date

February 2019




Paperback, 32 pages

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Gill Books


By Séamus Ó Conaill Illustrated by Daniele Archimede

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Seamus Ó Conaill teaches in UCD. His short fiction has been published in a number of journals and featured on RTÉ Radio.

Daniele Archimede is a Dublin-based illustrator from Milan. His work can be found at

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