A Dictionary of Hiberno-English


Bertie Speak, D4, circling Shannon, An Bord Snip Nua, chancer, dig-out, dubes and ghost estate.

A Dictionary of Hiberno-English is the leading reference authority on Hiberno-English — the form of English commonly spoken in Ireland. The words above are a sample of over one hundred new words which have recently slipped into our daily lexicon, and which are included in this third edition of Terence Dolan’s classic Dictionary of Hiberno-English.

It was only at the start of the twentieth century that Hiberno-English was recognised as a fully-fledged dialect. The two tributary streams that create it and that differentiate it from Standard English are loan words, as well as grammar, from the Irish language, and also archaic English words that have fallen out of use in England but remain in common use in Ireland.

T.P. Dolan’s seminal dictionary has established its pre-eminent position as the leading reference authority on Hiberno-English.

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October 2013




Paperback, 320 pages

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Gill Books


198 x 130 in


By Terence Patrick Dolan


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Out of print

Dr Terence Patrick Dolan is Emeritus Professor of English at University College Dublin. A well-known broadcaster and guest lecturer, he publishes and travels extensively, speaking about both Hiberno-English and Old and Middle English Language and Literature and is regarded as the pre-eminent authority on Hiberno-English.

€15.99 VAT Inc.
Out of print

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