The Food Nanny


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Do you find yourself constantly bombarded with requests for sweets, treats and snacks by your kids?

Is the supermarket a battleground every time?

Do your kids spend a lot more time indoors watching TV than you would have been allowed as a child?

Would you love to see them eat more vegetables and make it through a movie without consuming the caloric allowance of a small elephant?

Then you need The Food Nanny. You need to take charge of your child’s nutrition today. Parents, it’s time we faced the truth: our kids are getting fat. This is not a good thing. This is the result of overindulgence and it’s up to you to do better. Straight-talking, witty, but brutally honest The Food Nanny will give you the only rules you’ll ever need to teach your children to be happy, healthy eaters, fitter, active and full of beans.

  • Enjoy happy relaxed mealtimes
  • See them tuck into vegetables
  • Watch your kids thrive outdoors
  • Save serious money on your weekly shop

And, more than anything else, enjoy watching your kids come back in line with what nature intended for them: a fit and fabulous future.

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Out of print



Publication Date

December 2012




Paperback, 192 pages

Country of Origin



Gill Books


216 x 135 mm


By Anna Burns

Availability Status

Out of print

Having graduated from Trinity College Dublin with a degree in microbiology, and University College Cork in 1995 with a master’s degree in nutrition, Anna Burns has amassed over seventeen years’ experience in the field of nutrition. With experience ranging from working in New Zealand’s food supplement industry, to living and working in France, Anna returned to Ireland in 1999 to work in health promotion with the Irish Health Board. She now runs her nutrition consultancy from Cork and delivers corporate nutrition training countrywide. She runs two weight-loss clinics in Cork and has a ’no gimmicks’ approach to fat loss.

Anna currently lives with her husband and four children, who have, unwittingly, been her subjects for testing her old-fashioned approach to healthy eating for years.

€14.99 VAT Inc.
Out of print

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