Sheila Armstrong

Sheila Armstrong



Sheila has a BA in English and Psychology and an MPhil in Popular Literature, and has worked in Irish publishing for six years. After beginning her editorial career in fiction, she moved to academic publishing, then to lifestyle, and has now settled in non-fiction.


She loves working with authors from all walks of life and helping them coax (or wallop) their book into shape. Working at Gill Books allows her to dip in and out of a wide range of subjects, learning about a new topic with every manuscript that lands on her desk (which is excellent practice for table quizzes).


She dabbles in Humanology, has Corn Flakes for Dinner, is there When Panic Attacks and helps authors get Back on Track. She knows that sometimes it’s A Time to Risk All – editorially, that is.


In her spare time, she writes fiction and is relearning the piano. Besides reading, she loves horror movies, adventuring, animals and video games. Sheila is a publishing pacifist, and thinks the warring factions of print and digital can live together in harmony.

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