Living Energies

Why are so many species of plant and animal disappearing? How is it that Earth is losing more fresh water than it is producing? What are the effects of chlorination and fluoridation of water?

The answers to these and many more pressing environmental questions are to be found in this remarkable book - the first in-depth examination of the life and work of the brilliant forester, scientist and pioneering inventor, Viktor Schauberger.

Schauberger’s insights into Nature pivoted on the essential characteristics of water as a living and pulsating substance that energises all of life, both organic and inorganic. He frequently asserted, "Water is a living substance!" - an ideal to which many philosophers have subscribed.

With his ground-breaking concepts on energy, biomagnetism and the true function of trees, he showed how a world that exploited its resources rather than cherishing them was doomed to destroy itself. Above all, he demonstrated how Nature’s abundance is the result of a complex interaction of energies that actually create matter, not the other way around as orthodox science believes. For him energy was primary, and physical form the secondary effect.

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Publication Date

July 2001




Paperback, 320 pages

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Chapter 1 Who was Viktor Schauberger?
Chapter 2 Energy
Chapter 3 New Dimensions of Energy
Chapter 4 What is Motion?
Chapter 5 The Sun
Chapter 6 Earth's Atmospheric Envelope
Chapter 7 Temperature
Chapter 8 The Nature of Water
Chapter 9 The Hydrological Cycle
Chapter 10 The Formation of Springs
Chapter 11 Floating Stones and the Stationary Trout
Chapter 12 The Log-Flume
Chapter 13 The Dynamics of Flow
Chapter 14 Water Supply
Chapter 15 Drinking Water Supply
Chapter 16 Trees and Light
Chapter 17 Forestry - a Noble or Ignoble Art?
Chapter 18 The Metabolism of the Tree
Chapter 19 Agriculture and Soil Fertility
Chapter 20 The Generation of Fructigenic Energies
Chapter 21 Implosion
Chapter 22 Last Thoughts


233 x 170 mm


Edited and translated by Callum Coats



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Scientist and architect Callum Coats spend twenty-three years translating, collating and editing Viktor Schauberger’s books, articles and letters. The result is ’Living Energies’. He is also the translator and editor of the four-volume Eco-technology series encompassing a large and representative spectrum of Schauberger’s work, also published by Gateway Books - ’The Water Wizard’, ’Nature as Teacher’, ’The Fertile Earth’ and ’The Energy Evolution’.

€24.99 VAT Inc.
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