Birds of the Homeplace

Ireland is slowly becoming a country of nature and bird enthusiasts. Everyone has a space - gardens, farmland and oases of natural habitat - to enjoy everyday encounters with birds. Familiar the birds may be but their lives can fascinate and they are adapted to survive in ways that surprise. They are centre stage in this book that brings alive the feathered characters of Irish neighbourhoods. Following the success of Birds Through Irish Eyes, Anthony McGeehan and Julian Wyllie take on the task of showcasing over seventy species, from Coal Tits, which choose to drop more seed from feeders than they carry away, to Irish Swallows, which avoid dying from thirst while crossing the Sahara. Some are permanent residents, others use Ireland as one of several homes. Distinctive descriptions are complemented by stunning photographs. 'Common-or-garden' is a term that has patronised Ireland's familiar birds for too long. Discover what our birds do and enjoy them even more.

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September 2014




Hardback, 300 pages

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The Collins Press

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Anthony McGeehan, from Belfast, has been watching and photographing birds since childhood. Today, he leads birdwatching tours and assists BirdWatch Ireland. Widely published in magazines and newspapers, his book Birds Through Irish Eyes (2012) attracted much favourable comment. Julian Wyllie is one of the last birders who learned to read with The Observer's Book of Birds. Sharing his love for the natural world with a fascination for post-1965 underground music, he worked as a second-hand record dealer, as a dishwasher and for conservation bodies. He lives on Sherkin Island in West Cork, birding or listening to The Fall.

€24.99 VAT Inc.
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