Michael Murphy's Book of Dreams

We all have dreams, but what do they mean? Your dreams hold the secrets of your unconscious thoughts and understanding their hidden meaning can guide you in your daily life. The author analyses people’s dreams, most of them common ones, and shows how to interpret their meaning and decipher the messages they are sending. This book will encourage you to work with your dreams in order to reach a deeper understanding of what is happening in your life and to make sense of the seemingly random material deriving from the unconscious.

There are dreams relating to pop stars, relationships, sex, dead people, horror, animals, being improperly dressed, teeth falling out, the apocalypse, holidays, the Leaving Cert, flying and more.

’Makes for fascinating reading’ Sunday Independent


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September 2017




Hardback, 224 pages

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Gill Books


205 x 142 mm


By Michael Murphy



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Michael Murphy is an Irish author, psychoanalyst and broadcaster. He has published two bestselling memoirs, At Five in the Afternoon and The House of Pure Being, and two collections of poetry, The Republic of Love and A Chaplet of Roses. Michael worked for RTE as a newscaster and producer/director, receiving the Prix Jeunesse International in Munich, a national Jacob’s Award and an international UNESCO award. Michael, who is well-known from his psychoanalytic residency on the RTE afternoon television Today Show and his analysis of dreams on the RTE 2FM evening radio Chris and Ciara Show, has a practice at Sandyford in Dublin. Michael has a Master’s degree from the Centre Europeen Universitaire de Nancy in France. He was awarded the post-graduate Advanced Diploma in Clinical Psychotherapy from St Vincent’s University Hospital in Dublin and he received his M. Phil. in Psychoanalytic Studies from Trinity College Dublin. Michael is a registered-practitioner member of the Association for Psychoanalysis and Psychotherapy in Ireland.

€16.99 VAT Inc.
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