Waterford Whispers News 2018

All the news from around the globe, Waterford Whispers style.

Waterford Whispers News 2018 is the fifth annual from Ireland’s leading online satirical site, featuring the biggest stories of the year, including the latest on Repeal the Eighth, Donald Trump, the housing crisis, and Dublin traffic. Discover what was on the Pope’s rider for his Croke Park gig and find out what’s in store for the future in your horoscope.

Packed with brilliant satire, sharp wit and insightful social commentary, Ireland’s answer to The Onion is now a worldwide phenomenon and a must-read in an era when the news has never been more unpredictable.

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Publication Date

October 2018




Paperback, 144 pages

Country of Origin



Gill Books


240 x 170 mm


By Colm Williamson

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Colm Williamson created Waterford Whispers News in 2009 when he was unemployed. His unique brand of topical, distinctly Irish satire quickly attracted thousands of fans. Now, Waterford Whispers News has over 570,000 Facebook followers, and an average of 2 million page views on the website every month.

€16.99 VAT Inc.
Temporarily unavailable

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