The Virtuous Tart

From the No 1 bestselling author of The Extra Virgin Kitchen


Now you can have your cake and eat it too.

Susan Jane White eats something sweet every day. Many of us do. But the difference is most of us don’t get the same health kick from our indulgences as Susan Jane does. That’s because all of Susan Jane’s sweets, treats, drinks and snacks are packed with nutritional hits that love your body, boost your brain and make you feel and look great. It’s no wonder they are her most requested recipes.

With this book you’ll learn that wholesome food need never tax your taste buds. You’ll discover new ingredients that not only taste better, but treat your body better too. Imagine a nutritional slam-dunk while snacking on a slice of tiffin! Picture your taste buds raving to the tune of coconut torte! Visualise your toes breakdancing with every crunch of a teff cookie!

The Virtuous Tart will nurse your sweet tooth and service your body like a first-rate Formula 1 pit stop, and you’ll have the energy levels and body to prove it.


‘Susan Jane White is Caitlin Moran, Nigella and Jesus put through a Vitamix and left to rest until chilled.’ Daisy Wood-Davis

‘The sassiest food revolutionary you’ll ever meet.’ Image

‘I can see why Susan Jane White is a No 1 bestseller in Ireland. Brilliant approach to wholefood shop ingredients.’ Joanna Blythman

‘I love this girl. I want a hotline to her kitchen.’ Victoria Smurfit

’Do you and your body a favour - read this book. Susan Jane White knows what’s good for you and it doesn’t hurt that she writes like a dream.’ Roisin Ingle, The Irish Times

’Eating well never felt so sinful.’ Brendan O’Connor

‘Her recipes seem like some delicious, illicit sin.’ Irish Independent

’This gal is living proof that you are what you eat. She is all glowing, shining bounce.’Domini Kemp

’If anyone ever needed proof that super healthy food makes a huge difference to your energy levels, immune system and general vitality, then one look at the ever-effervescent Susan Jane White would tell you everything you need to know.’ Rachel Allen

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Publication Date

May 2017




Paperback, 224 pages

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Gill Books


246 x 190 mm


By Susan Jane White

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Susan Jane White is a specialist cook, a food and health columnist with The Sunday Independent, and former president of Oxford University’s Gastronomy Society. When she was 25, Susan Jane developed a serious immune disorder. This marked the beginning of her nutritional pilgrimage.

She discovered that her energy levels were intimately linked with the food she ate, so she avoided the foods that taxed her body – anything processed or highly refined. And it worked! Two years later she was back to her bouncy, bionic self, much to the wonderment of the medical community. Her first book, The Extra Virgin Kitchen, debuted at No 1 on the Irish bestseller list, gained a cult following and received a nomination for an Irish Book Award. She lives in Dublin with her husband and two little vandals.

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