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Ordinary to Extraordinary: Mind Coach Brian Colbert tells us how it happens

03-01-2013 09:00

Motivational speaker and mind coach Brian Colbert’s new book From Ordinary to Extraordinary promises to give you the tools to transform your life. We asked him about the possibility of transformation – and why so many people feel powerless with no real reason.


Why do you think so many people feel powerless?

There are many reasons why people feel powerless and there are as many situations where they actually are – the loss of a loved one, the loss of a job , the failure to get the required points for a particular degree, the effects of a recession, the impact of being let down by the religious institutions etc. These are things that can be outside of our control at least temporarily, but there are always options...we still have choices, chances and opportunities to move forward and face new circumstances.


However people generally feel powerless when they feel they have no control over the outcome and direction of their lives. But in truth these are just feelings, they are not good indicators of the facts. Very often we feel powerless and many people will be more than willing to point out ’the fact’ that we are. This is rarely true, at least in the western world we are nearly always in control of our lives and even at times when we are not it is wise to assume that we are because it leads to more empowering behaviours.


To paraphrase an old maxim, it is not what happens to you that is as important as to how you respond to what happens to you – this is what counts most! If you believe you are powerless then your brain will do a very good job at proving that to be true. Your opportunity for power lies in your ability to break through limiting perceptions / beliefs that have been formed and validated through experience and patterned by the habit forming part of the brain....the unconscious.


What’s the single most important first step they can take towards changing their lives?

The single most important step towards change is choice.

Choosing to step outside perceived normalities.
Choosing to see all limiting behaviour for what is it...a patterned response that is changeable.
Choosing behavioural flexibility in as many situations as possible.
All of this will lead to empowerment and more.


Do you think most of us underestimate our own abilities?

Yes. Each one of us is capable of greatness.
Each one of is capable of genius.
Each one of us is capable of becoming extraordinary.
However each one of us owes it to ourselves to choose what we determine as being extraordinary. In my world I think it is extraordinary to live a happy life, to have a healthy relationship and to feel good more often. Not everyone has to transform the world with massive inventions, stunning achievements or political ideologies. It’s great when we do and I believe we all can and should do more of – but each to their own. Being extraordinary doesn’t need to be a full time job but having more extraordinary moments in your life gives it all the more sparkle.


What’s the most impressive transformation you’ve seen in a client?

I have seen so many it’s hard to rate them especially since what may be extraordinary to the client may appear very ordinary to the onlooker. A client that overcomes a fear of walking on snow may not attract the first slot on the news or achieve the golden globe awards for extraordinary achievement, but to the client this was and is extraordinary. The client who wipes out a lifetime of memories of sexual abuse in one session now that produces a transformation that people will notice behaviourally. A client who is depressed and in a dead end job who completely turns around their life, changes their career, builds a new business, becomes really happy and successful - that is also extraordinary. The client who is already successful in all areas except the one and has not found a love partner yet, who after one conversation decides to prioritise and 6 months later tells you they have met the love of their life and are in a relationship and are thinking of getting engaged now that is also extraordinary.


The journey from ordinary to extraordinary is about digging deep inside yourself especially during times of challenge or adversity and out of it producing something that makes your life take on an added dimension to it that makes your life shine. Now of course if you want to achieve greatness on a global scale From Ordinary to Extraordinary will show you how – there is a path to excellence, a route to achievement, and a gateway to success that is tried tested and proven. You don’t have to take it but if you do…!


From Ordinary to Extraordinary is now available from Gill Books Bookshop.

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