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‘The point of all this has nothing to do with finding yourself. It’s about what you can do to lose what you don’t need.’

It’s a dark rainy afternoon on Dublin’s jammed M50 motorway. The rain is hammering on the windscreen of Daniella Moyles’ car. She is 26, a highly successful radio presenter, model and influencer, but panic is building in her head and chest, the internal state of affairs she has been trying to ignore finally spilling over into something undeniably physical. She is frozen, petrified, looks to her boyfriend and says, ‘I don’t know who or where I am.’

This day changed Daniella’s life. It derailed almost everything she had worked to achieve and set her on a new path.

Jump is the story of what happened when Daniella quit her job to backpack around the world for two years, and how freedom from the trappings of what society considers success leads to true contentment, strength and authenticity.


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May 2020




Paperback, 304 pages

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Gill Books


By Daniella Moyles

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Daniella Moyles is an Irish model, presenter and travel writer. Beginning her career aged 18, she worked primarily as a model before transitioning to television and radio presenting. In 2017 she left that career behind to backpack around the globe for two years. She is currently undertaking a degree to become a psychotherapist and is the founder of the STLL, a holistic-living and wellness business.

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